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Gstaad dares to go Slowlife & Vintage Chic

Gstaad dares to go Slowlife & Vintage Chic


The family office investors had purchased the property with the intention to convert the non-descript hotel, previously a Jugendheim, into a few luxury flats, a project that was halted by new Swiss laws. The owners therefore decided  the hotel needed to undergo a quick transformation, so that it corresponds more closely with theirs tastes. Keeping the property closed was too costly and therefore not an option.


Full repositioning and interior stage-setting for the ski-in/ski-out three-star retro lodge, a unique situation in the Gstaad Ski Region . In a two-phased approach, undertook initial touch up of decor and services, including a new restaurant offering, small simple spa and outdoor hot tub. The subsequent six-month transition project gave the property an entirely new DNA, interiors and experience environment, all achieved on a very tight budget. The project transformed the hotel into a hip, 1960’s retro lodge with modern conveniences, adding notable value to the investor’s property value.


The inital changes contributed to a 20% increase in profit during the ski season, which encourgaed the owners to undertake the more substantial changes, which made the lodge an integral part of the Region, especially amongst the younger (at heart) crowd.

Since 2018, the owners have made the lodge the home for “Friends of Sannenwald”, a non-profit association that is committed to enhancing the physical and mental well-being of people through deep connections with nature. 


Akoleo SA | Majority owner of Saanewald Lodge


Gstaad | Switzerland


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