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Re-imagine l Re-position l Re-invent l Re-define


Primary focus is on identifying, developing, and differentiating the DNA, the soul and essence of a lifestyle product or experience that can be felt everywhere where it is present.

We closely analyse, from a guest or a client perspective, the customer experience and curate “often subliminal surprises” that will touch all the FIVE senses. Creating immersive, engaging, sharing memories with an authentic essence, artistic flair, and individual spirit.


The results are achieved within a reasonable financial investment and the client’s operational constraints.

The flexible 4-Element DNA Process guarantees the project uniqueness. Clients can opt for the full-suite or simply select one or another Element that they require.

The DNA Process Klopf Consulting

The 4-Elements of the DNA Process:

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1. The Assessment of the Current Situation

Detailed assessment of a client’s overall seamless experience: From digital to physical encounters. From understanding and expectations to usage of product and services. From the customer experience to employee experience. To the look and feel, the identity and values of the brand within the market.  

The assessment will objectively highlight every dimension of the assets as a brand and service, but also any drawbacks, unsatisfied needs and potential risks… Most importantly, it will trace new opportunities and potential to go forward.

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2. The “Unique DNA Development”

Creation of  a “Unique DNA⊕ Storyline “ which includes the Personality & Soul, “Stage-Setting (Scenography)”, Design Development, Spatial Optimization, Guest Experience & Service Concepts. 

In order to secure an excellent brand and service experience, there also has to be a focus on the employee experience - for the staff has to live, believe and breath the brand to properly convey the DNA to the client.

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3. DNA Implementation + the "Setting the Stage"

Klopf Consulting and its partners can handle Project Management either entirely on behalf of the client or together with the client’s team.

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4. The Essential DNA “Fine-Tuning”

All too often, the need for fine-tuning is overlooked, as a standstill creeps in once the concept, implementation and launch phases have passed. Klopf Consulting’s approach can ensure that habit and operational blindness do not set in.

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