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Klopf Consulting
A Boutique Consultancy that always has the Customer Experience in mind.

Focus on retail, premium leisure (boutique hotels, spa wellness, future hospitality) and lifestyle products through a pluridimensional, international approach and strong cultural awareness.


Clients range from private individuals, family offices to international luxury companies – so for every project is tailored and unique.  We closely accompany clients and their internal teams. Generally, we work with the existing team, not as an outsider, but integrated in the reflection and the development until the completion of the project.


The customer experience and environment is placed at the center, while also always remaining conscious of the clients’ operative and budgetary requirements. We love the challenge of coming up with unique, innovative, creative, and effective solutions that do not cost a fortune!


We closely analyze their customer experience and curate “subliminal & surprise” factor changes from a guest or a client perspective.

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Katarina Klopf grew up internationally and with passion for different cultures and became very early aware of different lifestyles, expectations, habits, traditions, approaches, needs, tastes, and ways of doing and thinking about things. She has lived in France, Great Britain, Austria and America for extended periods and thus has language, business and cultural skills at a native level. She naturally incorporates this mixture of perspectives and approaches into all of her very different projects in English, German or French. 

Based on her many years of international experience in positioning, marketing and strategic brand business development for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Tiffany & Co., Wolford and the Walt Disney Company, in the US, France, UK and Austria have allowed her to develop the necessary skills in brand concept definition, style-thinking & project management. 

Her time at Disney, where employees learn to think and act as hosts like actors on a stage to create the best possible experience for guests, sparked her passion for consumer experience. Katja's favorite challenge is the fine line between an experience that is pre-designed down to the last detail, without the guest perceiving this as standard, and a scope for individual experiences. Identifying the road towards operational excellence, pushing the right levers, finding barriers and removing any resistance to delivering a pre-designed, great experience.

15 Years of Corporate Experiences:

European Marketing Director for all Disney stores in five markets (France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain), based at European HQ.

  • London l UK

Launch Marketing Manager within Start-Up Team of Leisure Real Estate / Hotel Project in Europe with a St. Tropez beach location and a winter destination in the Alps.

  • Paris l France

Marketing Team Member of Grand Opening Crew and B to B Development Programs of the European Park Project.

  • Paris l France

International Retail Boutique Development Manager and Special  Project: US Market Development for CEO.

  • Paris | France

  • Bregenz | Austria

  • New York, NY | US

Assistant Buyer | HQ Buying Office. Product Selection, Retail and Inventory Management responsibilities in Gold and Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire Departments for US and international markets.

  • New York, NY | US

Intensive MBA Training Marketing Program | Marketing Assistant for Consumer Products Group brands o.b. and Stayfree.

  • New Brunswick, NJ | US

  • Salzburg | Austria

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+43 699 18 41 06 05

Klopf Consulting

Bluemelgasse 1 | 2 | Top21

1060 Vienna | Austria

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